Windows Repair (WindowsRepair) Virus Removal Guide

Virus Type: Rogue Security Application
Threat Level: 8 / 10

Windows Repair, also known as WindowsRepair, is a new fake disk optimization and system optimization application; disk optimization and system optimization are programs designed to optimize the computer system by making specific software and hardware parts of the computer perform better. For example, hard drive optimization may be used to move files around on the hard disk to make it operate faster. However, Windows Repair is a fake application. Newer versions of Windows Repair include Windows XP Repair, Windows Vista Repair, and Windows 7 Repair. Windows Repair claims to offer a variety of services including checking the system status of the user’s system (computer hard drives, ram memory, system health, etc.), diagnostics, and the ability to fix errors found to make the system operate faster. Windows Repair also offers a Scanner Module, Standard Module, and Advanced Module. Like many other fake programs, Windows Repair also displays in the right hand area of the program specific specifications of the computer such as the operating system, installed memory, and hard drive information. Fake antivirus programs have found many various ways to enter and infect computers. Windows Repair was recently introduced around late March 2023 and is generally installed without user permission through the use of a trojan horse, which is downloaded generally through a security flaw. However, it has also been reported that its previous clone, Windows Recovery, is spreading through a PDF exploit (essentially, there is a security flaw in the PDF file). Windows Repair is a clone of previous fake computer optimization programs and a new version of this virus is generally introduced on a weekly basis; the last version of this fake program is Windows Recovery, which was released recently. Windows Repair main executable is generally a series of random characters, making it harder to be found by the user.

Below is our recommended removal tool for Windows Repair. The removal tool has been rated 5 cows out of 5 by Tucows and was previously CNET’s Editor’s Choice. Feel free to download it below.


If you are unable to run the removal tool, or are unable to run any programs in general, you may need to stop the processes associated with Windows Repair with task manager. If task manager has been blocked by Windows Repair, try using Process Explorer.

Windows Repair, like many other fake fake programs, will create a series of warnings and pop ups in order to scare the user into purchasing the fake program. Windows Repair may also create these warnings in an attempt to make it look legitimate to the user. Some of these warnings which are created by Windows Repair can be found below.

“Hard Drive Failure

The system has detected a problem with one or more installed IDE / SATA hard disks. It is recommended that you restart the system.”

“System Error

An error occurred while reading system files. Run a system diagnostic utility to check your hard disk drive for errors.”

“Critical Error

RAM memory usage is critically high. RAM memory failure.”

Windows Repair, like many other fake fake programs, will also claim that there are many issues with the user’s computer. Some of these issues can be found below.

“Registry Error – Critical Error
Read time of hard drive clusters less than 500 ms – Critical Error
A problem detected while reading boot operating system files
Drive C initializing error
Boot sector of the hard drive disk is damaged – Critical Error
Bad sectors on hard drive or damaged file allocation table – Critical Error
Data Safety Problem. System integrity is at risk.
Hard drive doesn’t respond to system commands – Critical Error
35% of HDD space is unreadable – Critical Error”

It is recommended to use safe mode when removing the virus because Windows Repair will generally not be able to load in safe mode. To enter safe mode, restart the computer and press F8 multiple times before the Windows screen to bring up the boot options.

Boot Menu

The safe mode with networking option will allow the user to be able to use the internet in safe mode. Windows Repair can be removed by using the

or by manually removing the virus.

View Windows Repair Files
View Windows Repair Keys

Common symptoms and characteristics of Windows Repair and other rogue security programs include:
1. Windows Repair is generally installed without user permission.
2. Windows Repair uses pop ups and fake virus scans to scare the user.
3. Various antivirus and system programs on the user’s computer will stop functioning.

The user comments for ThinkPoint may provide insight into removing Windows Repair since the viruses are similar.

Manual Windows Repair Removal – In order to manually remove Windows Repair, the processes associated with Windows Repair must be stopped, the files associated with the processes must be removed, and the registry entries must be corrected to the previous state before Windows Repair entered the computer.

Important: Before attempting to manually remove Windows Repair, we recommend that the user read through comments posted by other users on how they removed specific fake antivirus programs since many fake antivirus programs are similar. These comments can be found by clicking here. These comments may provide additional information which may be useful in removing Windows Repair. However, please use discretion since these specific comments pertain to other fake antivirus programs.

Stop Windows Repair Processes (Learn How To Do This)

Remove Windows Repair Files (Learn How To Do This)

Windows XP – C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\[random].exe

Windows Vista & Windows 7 – C:\ProgramData\[random].exe

Remove Windows Repair Registry Keys (Learn How To Do This)
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Windows Repair
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Windows Repair

Remove Windows Repair Startup Entry (Learn How To Do This)

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If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to comment below. If you need any help with any of the steps, please don’t hesitate to comment below. We recommend that you follow our safety tips so that you can keep your computer clean Please Click Here to View Our Safety Tips.

Your feedback is very highly valued by others so please feel free to comment below. Please feel free to share a solution that you may have used to remove Windows Repair.

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Lobsang April 2nd, 2024 at 4:00 pm

Ive been hit by the windows repair virus. I have the CA security antivirus but nothing seems to be working. Please help.

wendy June 27th, 2024 at 1:09 am

to give you an exact name.exe would not help either as the file name changes based on different variables

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