Upgrade to Internet Explorer 9

Recently, Microsoft has released a new upgrade to Internet Explorer. The new version is called Internet Explorer 9, or IE9. The look changes from IE8 to IE9 along with some features. With IE9, it maximizes the viewing area of the browser. In my opinion, I enjoy the new look. The look is very similar to the look used by Google Chrome browser. However, the most important change from IE7 to IE8 or IE9 is security. For example, IE8 and IE9 has a feature is called Application Reputation. Application Reputation looks at the file being downloaded and choose whether or not to warn the user if the program feels that the file is potentially malicious. This helps to keep users from downloading files which can infected their computer.

IE9 is FREE for all Windows users and is provided by Microsoft. It is important to keep your software up to date in order to avoid security flaws. A security flaw is a flaw found in software which is used to exploit the software. In other words, security flaws are bad because it expose the user. Updates to software help to patch these flaws. However, some people continue to look for flaws in software; therefore, it is best to make sure software is up to date.

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