Removal Tips

There are many similarities between fake antivirus programs. Because these similarities exist, we have created some general removal tips which you may be able to use when removing a fake antivirus program. We also highly recommend reading through comments posted by other people when they attempted to remove a fake antivirus program. You can then develop a similar technique when attempting to remove your computer infection. You can find these comments by clicking here. Below are some removal tips which we have written which we hope will help you remove the fake antivirus program. The list will be expanded over time to include additional tips. However, the most important removal tip is to ask questions! Please feel free to comment on any removal guide with questions so that we can help!

Use Internet Browser Provided By Fake Antivirus
Use Windows Task Manager
Read Posted User Comments
Show Hidden Files and Folders
Show Protected Operating System Files
Check Proxy Settings
Use System Restore

If you have a removal tip which you think we should add, please feel free to comment and let us know.