How To Find Files In Windows XP / Vista

This guide will help you to locate files in your computer. This guide teaches you how to use the search function of Windows.

Step 1: Click on Start


Step 2: Click on My Computer


Step 3: Double Click On Your Main Drive To Enter It

You may also search for files by doing the follow:



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Dave January 1st, 2023 at 8:30 pm

I have tried everything you have said and I can’t get rid of System Security! Can find any of the files listed to get rid of this!! Any suggestions?

Les February 26th, 2023 at 11:46 pm

Computer doesn’t function Correctly.
suspect: Unauthorized Program/Trespassing (Virus/Spyware)

Before reading, keep in mind, that I ran ERUNT to fix this problem before. However, As a test to see if it was on my Flashdrive, I plugged it in and sure enough, it came back. I believe I picked up from a friends computer. After Submitting this report, I will restore my REGistry files with erunt.
Keep in mind this virus was on a system that already had NORTONS AV on it.

What happens to your computer.

Turns off System Restore
Removes Folder Options

Folder Options Missing in: Control Panel

Folder Options missing in: Tools Menu

Restricts Programs from running;Can’t install some spyware/virus programs: However, sucessful installs won’t run. Terminates Some Spyware Programs while Scanning; prevents
some Installation Programs from starting.
Restricts Regedit from starting.
Restricts RunAS properties from changing Permissions from Protected to Unprotected or to log in.
Restricts SAFE-mode from starting.

Modifies HOSTS file with blocks on anti-virus/anti-spyware (increase HOSTS file size from 1k to 12k)

Migrates from Computer to flashdrive;flash to computer.

Running processes (Task manager)
aexplorer (to do research on virus attack)
notepad.exe (to document findings)
SVCHOST.exe (System)
SVCHOST.exe (Network svc)
SVCHOST.exe (System)
SVCHOST.exe (Network Svc)
SVCHOST.exe (local Svc)
SVCHOST.exe (System)
System Idol Process

Msconfig DOES startup
Found vse432.exe to start in the Recycler folder. However, after opening the folder, doesn’t show it’s existence, Perhaps, it was removed previously when I did a ERUNT and emptied my TRASH during an toolbar that Hi-jacked my computer after removal.
Email me about the files leaves on your computer to hi-jack it. Yes, I found others on the Web who claim the same thing happened to them, and it has similar properties as this current virus I am trying to analayze..

Now, even though I am locked out of folder options to explore, I happened to have all my options set to SHOW ALL. For the person who I found this virus on their computer, they were doomed.

Ran MSMalicious Tool removal for the Conflicer virus (microsoft tool) just for the fun of it to see if the virus would terminate the program and it didn’t, and found no malicious items, however, this tool doesn’t cover every known problem.

I have saved a copy of my REG files now with infected system and do have NON infected reg in storage.. so I can compare..
I guess I am writing this to find out if anyone knows about it or is familiar with this virus, or where I can search a database that has viruses and their descriptions.

My plan is to run Erunt and restore my system. I know this will work as I did it on the other computers using the REPAIR folder to test the results. However, on that computer I re-installed windows. I expect that user to get another virus soon, as 6/7 people use it, and the owner doesn’t take my advise on being safe.
After I restore my REGfiles, I will re-install anti-bs software, (bs as in Virus/spyware) and run it to see if I can find something.
The reg may be cleaned, which is cool, but there is always the fact, that a file of yours may be written into by the virus. If this is the case, the your system may be compromised with errors and possible re-infection..

Well people thanks for stopping to read this, and if the Author of this site may have a few words to send to me, I would appreciate it..


tomassen April 1st, 2022 at 9:44 pm

hoe verwijder ik simpel remover 2009,en kan ik dat gratis doen of moet ik er iets voor aanschaffen

Friend June 27th, 2022 at 9:16 am

Don’t want give details as don’t want start getting E-mails Very careful about me details

If not remove before it dose any damage will do the following.
1 Disable System restore
2 Disable Hide file Attributes so you cant see the file
3 Removes the system restore tab in Properties Sanpin
Keep your anti-Virus up to date and remove as quick its detected (I fond AVG Detected very quickly and Super Anti-virus remove all registry entries) if possible don’t let it connect or download. If you deal with it at this stage your fine. If you leave it download and will disable you system that you cant recovery from Except backup and reinstall of course This was my experience of the Liser virus and recovered from backup made 2 weeks precess Must been dormant because the backup had the Liser Virus and started up so as I said Liser.dll,Liser.exe is a very dangerous file.

zimik October 6th, 2022 at 7:08 pm

I’m getting a pop-up saying security alert but as explained above how to locate . i clicked the start button but none of the keys work, not even the start button .

zimik October 6th, 2022 at 7:12 pm

can anyone suggest how to go about dealing with it .

Draco April 27th, 2022 at 7:00 pm

Anyone know where the davclnt.exe file is located on Vista?

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